Few items of biking equipment are more personal – or more important – than the saddle. Along with pedals and grips, saddles are one of the key contact points that can make or break your cycling experience, not only with regard to long-distance comfort but also when it comes to long-term health.

    A well-designed and well-fitting saddle will not only make epic days in the saddle a breeze but will also ensure the free flow of blood in the perineal and genital area – essential to avoid possible problems in the future.

    Many saddles on the market are designed to cater to specific cycling disciplines – road racing, MTB, touring, BMX etc. – while comfort saddles are designed as ‘all-round’ options for casual or leisure cyclists, with the emphasis being on comfort rather than low weight or high performance.

    The type of saddle you choose will largely depend on the type of riding you enjoy. Road or MTB riders will primarily be looking for lightweight performance saddles that casual riders may find initially uncomfortable, while leisure and city riders will appreciate the extra cushioning of a well-cushioned saddle, without being concerned about the weight.

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