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    Tri race wear

    Tri race wear including Trisuits, Tri Tops, Tri Shorts & Accessories

    Tri race wear is a very specific branch of performance sports apparel: is designed to be worn under a wetsuit and so must be very light, form-fitting and quick to dry.

    While warm-weather triathletes may have the option of wearing a tri suit during the entire race (including the swim stage), most are not this lucky and will be wearing a wetsuit to combat the effect of the cold water and improve swim times. Wearing tri race wear under this wetsuit will enable quick transitions to the bike stage – without having to put on a separate outfit – and tri suits will be designed to dry very quickly due to a combination of air and exertion. Indeed, many high-end suits and tri garments will feature a hydrophobic treatment, making them resistant to absorbing water in the first place.

    Tri racers have the option of choosing all-in-one tri suits or a separate tri shorts and top combination. The choice is a matter of personal preference – some may find that a tri suit fits perfectly while others may discover that separate garments combine for a better overall fit. Some athletes may also prefer the combination of running singlet and tri shorts, or crop top and shorts in warm weather.

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