Leg warmers



    Leg warmers

    Leg warmers for cycling and running

    Tubular fabric leg warmers are an ideal accessory for the transitional seasons of spring and autumn, on days when the weather hasn’t quite made up its mind what it’s going to do

    Like arm warmers, they are designed to be worn with cycle shorts, but have the advantage of being removable, so you can stow them in a jacket or jersey pocket when not needed. That way, you can ensure you are warm and cosy on early-morning training rides or during the initial stages of a ride, when your muscles are yet to warm up. When the sun comes out or when you are sufficiently warmed up, the leg warmers can be removed.

    Alpine tourers may additionally find them useful for long descents off the mountains, when all that thermal energy built up during the climb quickly dissipates in the face of a stiff mountain breeze. Commuters may also find them useful as a base layer to wear under work clothes or cycling trousers for an additional level of warmth and protection.

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    Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items